The Bet

And so I on top of the bet that I already got myself into, I had another bet with Adrian.

Well, both of us will do something positively to the personal development of ourselves within a year and by that time whoever that did not do it will have to suffer the consequences stated. Adrian is always on the thin side while I am always on the other side. Let’s just say we are going to make the weight difference lesser. By the coming May when he comes back from America, he needs to gain 7kg while I need to drop my excessive love handles. Along with respective amendments which he needs to attain muscle mass instead of just fat, and I need to be able to do 50 push-ups by that stated deadline. If he did it, and I did not, I would have to play badminton for 4 hours straight and if I did it and he did not, he would have to swim 100 laps of freestyle straight. The bonus amendment is a meal decided by the winning bet fully paid by the losing bet. So if you did not do anything and the deadline is up, you are going to end up exhausted and broke. Aiks.

The duration we both have is 11 months.

I have 5 months of internship coming along. Well, I hope I can do it alright, if not I would need to pay for someone’s travel expenses PLUS this 4 hours of badminton madness.

Oh gosh, wish me luck. =)


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