So Seoul!

And so I went to Seoul again for 4 days and came back on a Monday morning. Went to Seoul, Yongin and also Suwon. Nothing too rush, nothing too planned, just a random trip.

Pre-depature preparation.

It was a Mugunghwa train to Seoul, which is the slowest and the cheapest train to travel far. This cost 25k won. Depart from Busan at 11.15pm and arrived at Seoul 4am the next day. Sat at the Mcd for breakfast and then proceed outside for a walk. It was 8am and we went to the bus station outside and wait for the bus number 5000. 1 hour later, exit at Gangnam University intersection and transferred to bus number 66.

7% discount for foreigners!

It was Everland for the first day right after another 30 minutes on the bus. Everland is a theme park and this cost 31k Won per person. Everland has a lot of turning and looping rides and the world’s largest wooden roller coaster, which is also the place I lost my glasses. Spent almost 2 hours waiting for the ride, the ride is awesome, losing your glasses is not. Sat the a bus to go to Jamsil station and transferred to subway train and went to Myeongdong for dinner. Moved to Jongno 3-ga and stayed at a motel. One room – 40k won, public holiday eve was to blame.

Dongpo Meat!!

Woke up late next morning, walked to Myeongdong and went to eat Chinese lunch at Din Tai Fung. The cost, 20k won per person. The dishes, fried rice, Dongpo meat, Xiaolong Paos and dumplings. Attempted to walk to Itaewon but get lost in the Namsan area. Sat subway train at Chungmunro and proceeded to Itaewon. Realized Hard Rock Cafe at Itaewon is a lie and then went to Cafe Nescafe for refreshments.

Never knew Nescafe has a cafe.

Went to Dongdae Ibgu to go to Welcomm theater to see David Choi. The ticket, 35k won. Participated in the dancing competition, lost and see other people took the prize – a guitar and went home happily. Melissa bought his two album and had him autographed and we all took picture with him.

Finally got a chance to meet David Choi in person.

David uploading pictures to Facebook.

Went back to Myeongdong after that to meet some friends and then went to Anam station to find motel with a help of a Chinese friend. That motel that day allows 3 people in one room and the cost is 25k won. Played cards and went to bed after that.

Caribbean Bay entrance.

Woke up early the next morning and went to the same direction as the first day – Everland to go to the water theme park, Caribbean Bay. The cost, 30k won. It was fun, the water slides are very exciting, especially the Raft Boomerang. It started raining when we were queuing and it became very cold and windy. Luckily there is indoor part of the water theme park fully furnished with sauna and steam sauna. Stayed inside there for a while and took the bus and went to Suwon city after an hour in the bus.

On the bus for an hour or so doing practically nothing and the bus was surprisingly crowded.

The thing I depend on to get around Seoul.

Suwon city has this very big train station which enable us to go back Busan for here. Decided to stay here and went to find motel in this area. Found one 40k for 3 people in one room. Went out and had Pizza Hut for dinner. Cream Chicken Pizza and some fried chicken and a refillable drink, 20k won per person. Took money from the bank due to insufficient fund. Went back to motel and played card then slept.

Interior of Han’s Deli.

The next morning woke up at 11am and went to eat lunch at Han’s Deli. Ordered 4 dishes and it cost 8k won per person. Then went to train station and realized the train ticket to go back is all sold out except the midnight train, and we bought that. 24k won for one way ticket. Have to hang around at Suwon for 9 more hours. Went to the tourist center of Suwon and found out Suwon is boring, Went to walk around in the shopping complex and went to a bookstore, bought a bilingual book for The Little Prince, 7.5k won.

Feels like Sungei Wang + Low Yat, the whole row selling the same thing. 

Found a pc room / cyber cafe and took the 3 hours package for 4k won per person and by the time we finished we went to eat Vietnamese for dinner. 20k won per person, Cashew Nut and Chicken, Noodle & Rice Set, Chicken Fried Rice and Pad Thai. Went to Dunkin Donut and bought some doughnuts to hang around there till 11pm.

We were so bored until we started folding paper planes. >_>

And of course, we played cards again…

Sat on the train and proceed back to Busan. It was 4am went we arrived at Busan. Took a taxi to go back to Sasang because the subway is not functioning just yet. 5k won for 4 people. Ate Pork Rice Soup at Sasang for 5.5k won per person and realized that it wasn’t 5am yet. The dormitory’s curfew is from 1am to 5am. Went to the arcade at Sasang and played drum. Walked back to the dormitory from Sasang.

Went online at once.

Slept at 7am, woke up at 3pm.


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