I can’t believe I went hiking when my leg is not even fully recovered yet.

We were bored, probably. Since today was the Children’s Day at Korea, it is a public holiday. So, some random friend of mine suggested that it was fun to go hiking early in the morning. Thus, we ended up doing something so out of the blue.

Baekyang Mountain – Highest Peak
Me, Melissa, Zhang Xin, Su Sheng, Jia Wen, Wen Yu and Ya Zhou

The hill behind our dormitory is not as small as I thought it was. We started hiking at 9am and came down from the other side of the hill at 3pm. The route is maintained well thus not much of the problem going up, the moment we are moving downhill, it was like small rocks everywhere and our normal sports shoes are not helping at this kind of scenario.

Too tired to take too many pictures anyway.

We were half dead when we reached back to Mora. Yes, the place we departed from is Mora, went pass the hill, go to the highest peak and reached the other side of the hill which is the Children Grand Park, near Seomyeon. No lunch, my stomach almost started to sing already. I don’t even want to know how Melissa can make it without breakfast and lunch.

It was very tired but we did had fun. When we reached the Children Grand Park, it was packed. There were so many people running all around with balloons and cotton candy. Talk about the perfect day to be here. So we finally exit the park and sat the bus back to Mora.

Couples, families, and even pets are all here in the park during Children’s Day.

Wen Yu knew some Korean uncle and he was nice enough to buy all of us lunch (fried chicken and noodles) at Mora, after that we can’t wait to get back to the dorm, the legs was killing me by then.
After a nice shower and it’s already night time. 
Tomorrow, everything will resume back to normal.

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