Depression Factors

I can get depressed. Yes, I can. Fortunately, it does not appear rather frequently and does not induce me to a suicidal attempt.

After I came to Korea, I finally pinpointed what are the reasons that cause these negative feelings built-ups. There are exactly 3 reasons that could very likely results in crankiness, irritation and ultimate sarcasm which exclude all the other probabilities which yet to be explored. This 3 factors mentioned below have to work closely to each other to produce the best result.

1. Bad Dinner
Dormitory food is filled with surprises. Sometimes it could be good and sometimes you just feel like dying just by looking at the menu. About Korean food, I am not sure whether it only apply to the dormitory scope or not but I realize that they bear the following conditions:

A) Any food will have the “R” probability.
Here refers to the fact that any kind of ingredients from vegetables to meat and all the way to soup too can be prepared in a way that it is entirely red. Red food usually taste spicy in a very salty and sweet way. The Worst Case Scenario: The entire food tray for that night is red.

B) All vegetables are cold.
Here refers to only vegetables regardless whether it is taugeh or a weird leaf thing that does not look edible at all. Vegetables are suppose to be eaten cold so that the nutrient values in the vegetable could be retained, but excuse my Chinese-ness, cold dishes other than appetizers and desserts are unacceptable. The Worst Case Scenario: Bibimbap. (Rice + A + B) – Meat

The only way to temporarily relieve this sorrow is this if and only if Factor #2 allows.

2. Money (Lack of)
It is a fact that $200 in Korea is never going to be enough, even when the food and accommodation had been covered. To move to one place and come back easily cost $4 and one meal might be $5 and above. For a Malaysian, this is very painful. After the currency exchange, out meal back in Malaysia is $3 comes with lots of meat, lots of rice, a bowl of soup and a beverage like sugar cane drink. So, being an underpaid exchange student working in the university while studying, I am constantly broke. This condition is much more bearable if it is one sole problem without the influence of the Factor #1.

3. Undesired Physical Conditions
Immobility is something that I personally cannot tolerate. Being stationary at a spot bore me to the point where I will pull out all my hair and whine for 24 + hours. Undesired physical conditions here refer to any kind of sickness which result in utter tiredness or a hole on the sole of the leg.

There you go, 3 depression factors especially when you are overseas.



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