A Cup of Coffee

Sitting at the cafe in front of the dormitory with a bunch of them. The entire night. Sunday night, just a bunch of us, occupied the cafe till they all started to mop, signalling us to leave. For the entire time, only one cup of coffee is purchased. A cup of coffee for 3 hours of chatting moments.

I adore randomness, I just realized.

The topic ran from getting married to where do people go after they die, discussed with an international aspect, which triggers my brain cells after I hadn’t utilized them wisely for the past 6 months already.

“Life is a cup of coffee,” I told him. Depending how much sugar you are willing to add in so that it will be better. “Life is a cup of bitter tea.” He told me. It might be bitter for a while, but it will not be bitter forever. “Life is a cup of coffee.” I told her. You get to decide how your coffee would taste like, when will you taste your coffee, and how you will remember your cup of coffee, forever. “But some people like it bitter.” She told me.

“And I don’t like coffee.”

What if I don’t like coffee, it’s not like I can change to a cup of hot chocolate anytime soon. Choices are expensive, even changing your flight date cost money. Making changes require cost, nothing is ever easy in life.

Can I have my cup of hot chocolate?

What if hot chocolate is too expensive and I can only get a cup of Earl’s Grey instead? What will I do then? Maybe I should feel content with what I have, I wouldn’t want to risk. Even if life is a cup of coffee, I wouldn’t want to miss the hidden greatness in the coffee will still wandering what I would choose other than coffee.

Perhaps a cup of Caffe Latte will do?

Someone told me I don’t have a clear stand, usually standing in the center wandering left and right. It’s a personality, I guess, although I didn’t quite like it. Indecisive should be my middle name, despite that I didn’t quite like it. It’s not going to bring me anywhere.

Should I just bloody drink that coffee already?

What if I regret for the rest of my life? I still have to do something. Probably buy a cup of milk to standby. Whatever that I would choose, I have to do it fast. My sister is next in line, and my dad is thinking how to pay for the coffee for both of us.

I might need a waiter or a menu now.


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