Skipped the class for 2 weeks already.

I really did felt the love, especially when you wake up and you say to yourself, “It’s okay to skip it.” Last week for me to do this, I guess. Have to attend the class before the lecturer remove me from the attendance list.


Such a dreadful class. Seriously, major subjects conducted in English is difficult to understand and I did not mean the subject. So, unless you are sponsored by the government or are a native Korean born and raised at Korea, if not you are going to suffer.

The other class that I enrolled was Linear Algebra 1 which was suppose to be taught in English but I have to drop it after the first class because the class was taught in Korean due to the fact that the teacher trying to make it easier for the majority of the class to understand regardless whether we understand at the end of the day or not.

Well, I am glad I’m only an exchange student and my credit hours doesn’t count over here. So I told myself that it’s okay to do bad things once in a while far away from home, repeatedly.

Probably too much.

It ain’t good.

But I felt the love, the love of peace and quiet. =)


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