Earth Hour

I wasn’t expecting to celebrate it. Hell, I didn’t even know that today was the day for the Earth Hour thing. Not to mention my stupid immobility condition, going out is highly unlikely to happen. I was in the room sitting in front of the computer planning to do nothing at all.

Suddenly, I was in the dark corner right next to the gymnasium playing candles, scented candles.

It was all Sarah Chai’s fault. Melissa tiba-tiba told me that they are going to celebrate Earth Hour in the cafe in front of the dormitory. So, I thought since it was only in front of the dormitory and I had nothing to do, I might as well just sit down there for an hour and chit-chat. I was bored to death anyway.

Sarah picked up his brother who was only here for three days and bring him to the dorm.

Then I realized that no, they are not celebrating it there. THEY WERE GOING TO THE POND, which it didn’t happen later due to the lightings and all. And so, we found ourselves a very dark spot next to the gymnasium then we sat down and….

We lighted our CANDLES!

Yeah, basically that’s about it.

P.S: We ate chicken for supper!
P.S.S: We refers to Melissa, Sarah, Ashley, Sarah’s brother, James, and I.

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