Of Chicken, Pizza and Delivery in Korea

I always wonder why am I constantly hungry at Korea. Especially now, when I’m temporarily disabled. I want to eat chicken. There’s something in Korea’s chicken, maybe. But we don’t really do this in Malaysia, at least we don’t go to the hypermarket grab the box of chicken then run back to the dormitory then put it in the microwave, look at it spin for 3 minutes and finish the entire box of chicken in 10 minutes.

Amazing speed.

Oh yes, we are like wolves in Korea. Chicken is sort of like a consolation prize, making up for our lack of ability when it comes to adapting the Korean food culture. Maybe it’s just me, but I miss Malaysia’s food, a lot. At least our vegetables are hot, and we don’t randomly add chili paste into any of our dishes of the day.

Then there’s also this delivery thing, so-bloody-awesome. “Chicken Delivery” is what we call it. It’s like KFC delivery, except this may come with noodles or pizza. The price is around RM60 for a big piece of pizza, a whole fried chicken and a 1.5 L Pepsi. Another method of self-pampering when dorm food sucks.

Well, the best thing is that he will deliver the food straight to your doorstep. You know those lazy and hungry nights? Prefect. Ordering it wasn’t a problem at all, apparently. Maybe the owner already familiar with those foreigners with sudden cravings for chicken, We greet, we say what we want (E.g Bu go gi pi za seh te), we tell him where are we (E.g Dormitory of XX Uni) and we pay him when he calls you again and tell you that he is outside already. Done.

Malaysia don’t have lor.

I guess I’ll settle it with Ramly’s when I get back to Malaysia then.

P.S: I miss Ramly Burger. (Still the best in the world)
P.S.S: Melissa is another chicken addict.


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