Surgery in Korea

Suddenly, I had a surgery in Korea.

I went to the hospital just wanted to get the infections on my right foot checked at the first place, who the hell will expect 30 minutes later I was lying on the operating theater waiting for the doctor to come and have fun with my leg. I’d been thinking for a long time actually, thinking to whether go to the doctor and check or just wait till I get back to Malaysia. But, since the Korea insurance covers everything except the teeth.

Why not?

But I seriously didn’t except it ended up so big case which result in me, immobility, one and a half month. My roommate wanted to borrow a wheelchair crutches from his friend for me. Not much for a choice I guess. Apparently I have to spend my birthday on the bed for this year.

Oh well.

Edit: I have a pair of stick now and a weird shoe for my right foot. For free.


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