It snowed, it finally snowed.

Regardless the fact where it may be in the wrong time or wrong place.
Busan had known for its rarity in snowing. According to the local people, it occasionally snow every 5 years. I must be really lucky, I guess.
Yesterday Melissa called me in the middle of the night telling something I wanted to hear for the entire winter.
“It’s snowing outside!” She literally screamed on the phone.
5 minutes later, there I was lying in the snow with my short pants.
I am truly awesome just like that. =)
Another 5 minutes later, I was back in the room cursing how cold the snow is. =P
The next morning the snow was 10 centimeters thick and I was doing stupid stuff already 9am in the morning when I found out that the school is officially closed due to the snow.
And I slipped in front of the dormitory, big time.
Sledging and snow ball fight? Fun, for first timer like me. I also had the opportunity to roll down the hill slope. Even did snowman with Jeong Ju and Melissa, the snowman is a little retard looking but it doesn’t matter.
Happy times.

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