After what’s left…

It was quiet, this new year.

Especially when he is gone.
I’m okay now, I suppose. Yeah, probably have to pick up all the messed up feelings and proceed back to Korea for the other half a year before coming back for my internship. Oh ya, and the annoying wound on my foot.
For the first new year in my life, the entire Lee family went for a movie marathon two days in a row, watched the “Little Big Soldier” and “72 Tenants”. Yeah, with me limping around the Melaka Mall for two days in a row too. How wonderful.
And… we played a lot of Big 2 – typical Chinese poker card game.
5 days to go.
What can I do with my condition like this?

2 thoughts on “After what’s left…

  1. hi…happy new year…i hope i am not disturbing you, but, it happened that i found your blog about Silla University when i google it.i am going to apply to this Uni, but i can't really find much details about you mind to tell me more about it?

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