Tropical Being

I’m sorry if I cannot stand the winter over here.

I know this temperature is not extreme at all, especially when compared to Seoul which is having -13 degree Celsius most of the days. 0 degree Celsius doesn’t seem that bad anymore.
But, it’s still cold.
The winter could have been better if the toilet is INSIDE my room. At least I don’t have to walk down the icy cold corridor to reach the even colder toilet. I have to leave the hot water running for a little while to steam the shower room so I will not freeze to death inside. Even the pipes freeze in the morning.
You know what’s even more annoying?
Even though is cold, no snow is Busan, just Busan. I know I might hate the snow in the later days, but for now, I never seen enough amount of snow to make a snowball and I want to see it.
I will not start complaining the shitty luck I had when I was visiting Seoul.

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