Hello, Clear Blue Sky

I realized I never liked myself.

Probably I should say I never like the way I manage myself. I think I might had just wasted quite some time in my life. I need to take responsibility of my own life. It’s not like I didn’t, but I didn’t acknowledge them well enough.
Finally, I sighed and told myself: “Do something about it.”
It’s 2010 already. If 2012 is the year when the whole earth will vibrate till a point where everyone will die because of fluctuating sea level, will I leave the world in regrets? Not about the things I done, but the things that I didn’t.
Suddenly I had been living in this world for 2 decades already, what had I achieved so far? Well, nothing. Not to mention I am still dependent on my parents. What had I done after this 20 years?
It’s time to move on, the owner of this blog. It’s time to do something for yourself and be responsible of it. You know you have to study, then study HARD. You know what you want, then GET it.
It’s a simple instruction.
Just extremely difficult to execute, right? If everything in the world is that easy, nothing matter or meant anything anymore, isn’t it? What is success if the pain and sorrow during the process doesn’t count anymore? What is special when everyone is the same?
Do it, Mister. Do it, now.
You know what you want. Do it.
Hello, clear blue sky.
I can finally say that.
P.S: Thanks Steph.

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