Christmas Eve

Feel like crap these days.

My fault probably, no point frustrated over things I have no say over. I really thought my tolerating skills are good. Reality can’t wait to prove me wrong.
Dengan ini, aku di sini sedang mengalami sesuatu situasi yang amat men-frustrating-kan.
Giving the following scenario, I have to surrender.
Tetapi, realiti ini memang tidak dapat dilarikan. Apa yang patut datang akan datang jua.
I had been complaining about the same thing.
Aku dah benci perkataan “Kami” yang telah keterlaluan.
Whatever it is, it will start with that word.
Kami betul, kau salah. Tak kira apa yang telah berlaku.
Issues regarding my attire to “work”.
Rambut aku pun telah bersalah, aduhai!
I have no more comments over this.

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