I should sleep now

I had been sleeping late recently.

Anyway, I had finished my public presentation and accounting progress test today.
Both went really well today, I have no idea why.
The public speaking I was really doing it not naturally, even I myself didn’t like it. But the lecturer liked mine best. What the hell? Never mind lah. She said something like element of surprise in the introduction. Despite all the nice things that she said, I personally think I’ll do not so well in this subject this semester.
It is really obvious that Farhah and Elaine is very upset about what our lecturer had commented about their presentation. What’s done is done, what to do? I’m actually surprised that she commented negatively only on Farhah’s group, wherelse some other groups also did not be specific enough on the topics too.
Farhah got so excited after she got her accounting annual report asignment back. 91/100 weih. Damn high loh. My assignment actually got 81/100 only. Oh well, that’s like a 16.2/20 for my finals, enough, I guess. But I couldn’t really guarentee that percentage will be enough for the others groupmates. The annual report assignment is being penalised because of the referencing and the appendix, guess who is the one suppose to do those?
Whatever it is, the accounting progress test was okay. I got it all balanced, I just reimbursed the petty cash which is not required in the questions and Mr. Peter refused to say it’s acceptable. =(
Okay then, I should go sleep now.

6 thoughts on “I should sleep now

  1. woooo my name is in your blog! hahaha!yes, what is done is done but still, she was being so unfair!didnt you realized that?! she really loves ALEX weh! wth?oh well! wtv!im cool now!

  2. It's really true that she being unfair, and I really don't understand why Alex improved a lot!LOL.Hui Wen was pissed at that case too.

  3. berat sebelah gilaaaaaa! HAHAyeah i knw. after that class, she said the same thing to me. i guess everyone noticed she loves alex so much! haha

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