The 2nd Interview

I had my second interview just now.

There’s four of us. 2 guys, 2 girls. 21 years old, 20 years old, 19 years old and 17 years old. Yes, the 19 one is me. Well, the two girls, namely Diana went in for 30 minutes, and Melissa went in for like 20 minutes. I went in for 10 minutes only!! I was interviewed by a professor, Professor Kang. Along with Miss Sophia at the meeting room NW-2. Reached that place damn early at 1.45pm and the interview only started at 2.45pm.
Oh ya, the other guy which I forgot his name (Sorry about that.), is actually Sue May’s cousin. Talk about small world. Talk about this tiny world!
Anyway, I don’t know how I did lah. Didn’t say much, forgot to say I went to military services.
Ku (My Korean classmate) came over and “visited” me. He talked to Professor Kang in Korean saying:” Have a good interview with my friend.” So, if I really got selected to go, I think partially is because of him. And he skipped the class with me. LOL.
If he is picking one guy one girl, I’m confident. If he is picking three students, I’m confident. If he is only choosing two, I’m not. But don’t want to say anything first lah, chance this kind of thing is really random at times.
What I can do now is cross all my fingers and hope for the best.
I have no idea how many times I had said that already.
Oh well…

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