The Month of June

I certainly hope this month will be a month for me to remember forever.

Despite being the oh-so-busy month, I applied for a Silla University, South Korea student exchange program. What makes it much much much more interesting is that it is all expenses paid for a year. So, I applied, with Esther and Grace too.
We all been called back for the first interview.
I got called back for the second interview.
On Monday.
I am really worried about how this would actually affect Esther. Being such competitive person, this might not be helping her in any form. It’s like labeling her under the not-good-enough category. She knows it doesn’t mean so. Just that, according to her, not being selected is far worse than got selected but didn’t want to go.
I had a busy month ahead. Marketing plans, final presentation for public speaking, accounting progress test, yadaa yadaa… Will blog soon if it’s certain that I got selected for Korea.
Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “The Month of June

  1. Geng!! So good la you all.. can go try these thing. Ahh.. i wanna go south korea too!! I will be going, but self-sponsored.. this year end. :DI'll read here, keep updated with your result ok? Maybe can meet my gf there also :DShe's in seoul, Seoul National University (SNU)

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