I Can’t Breath Right Now

I wonder whether it’s the oxygen level in the room dropping or maybe some people that is existing in the world that is using up wasting all the oxygen.

I don’t know anymore.
I don’t want to know anymore.
I couldn’t stand and tolerate people that well, not anymore. Used to be, but not anymore. Tired of all the drama, tired of all the excuses, tired of all the boosting, tired of all the masking and acting. I’m sick and tired of being this sick and tired too.
Esther didn’t said it wrongly at any point, she does grow up and mature faster than me, she will have that phase before I will have to face mine with a gap of a year to 2 years. I still remember how I adviced her on personal relationships and the socializing techniques, but now she is the one listening me ranting to the same problem that she faced one year ago.
“You don’t have to label all the relationships you have in your life, you know?” she said.
It’s true, I know it’s true.
That’s it, I don’t think my internship in an event company will be any of the pleasent memories I will obtain by next year. 
Maybe I started of with a wrong foot. 

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