My Mother’s Day with The Man

It supposed to be a celebration for my mother.

I think I ruined it, big time. I can’t communicate with my father. Because to him, he is always right and if he is wrong he is way too old to change.
That’s the only three words I can think of right now. We had a dinner at SS15 steamboat there, the favourite hang out spot of Esther. For the 1st time in my entire life, my dad made me cry in public.
This is how you descirbe my dad in three simple words. Self-Centered Egoistic Bastard. 
You know I don’t usually use words that harsh on anyone. He had broke the record. A round applause please people. He cannot jealous over why all of his children communicate well with my mother. Because he just do not know how to listen.
Major communication breakdown factor number 1. For a dad that is living in the world for almost half of his life, I have no idea why he couldn’t listen to people. If he ever accept the fact that he do not accept other peoples’ opinions, is also not his fault, he is too old to change this habit of his. 
I know he loves us. I really do. I know he care about us. I know he do. But he sucks for not being communicatable and not being an understanding father. 
He is very old school. Too old school that I cannot stand anymore. He is the man that cannot tolerate male for wearing pink clothes, the man that have to be right all the time, the man that work so hard, feed the children and then will wait for the children to get married and have grandchildren for him to entertained with. 
The man that won’t listen.
I’d gone completely fed up with this already.
All the children in this family have no problem communicating with my mum, for that I truly respect my mum. It is always my fault that I cannot accept how he is. 
This is not the 1st time, it is not the third time. It’s the 5th time. Everytime I would like to try to let him know what I think about him, what I hope he do better and how I respect him for being so dedicated. It will ended up talking about his parents and being my fault on whatever point I gave.
He might not aware of the advancement of time. How people teach children last time cannot apply in the 21th centuries anymore.
You know the feeling that despite the fact that you are living in the same house, under the same roof but you feel like you only rent the room? That’s exactly how I feel.
Frustrating, but I don’t think I am going to try anymore.
Sorry dad, I love you. But you suck.
*Frankie J – Don’t wanna try*

6 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day with The Man

  1. hmmmm okay one thing that you should feel happy about is that you’re not alone. Many parents are very ‘old school’. its just how they’re being brought up.calm down and think about it. you might think that ya know, parents fail to communicate with their kids but on the other hand, we fail to communicate with them too. sometimes, its just best to swallow your anger and let things pass. nothing’s more important than having a good relationship with your family, nonetheless, on mothers’ day.

  2. Didn't expect to see you here too. Hello, and I sort of like let it go again. Never failed to do so. Oh well, afterall I need them to stay alive. LOL>

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