I hate being labeled as useless, neither intended nor accidental.

My parents are particularly good in this, and of course I cannot tolerate this. They tend to think you are incapable to do anything and they will refer other people and supposedly “assist” you in anyway. It sounded good, right? The problem is, your effort are almost equal to zero. Whatever you do is literally labeled as rubbish and they will never believe you for all the information you provided all the way.

You are a human that require “special needs”.

Maybe it’s ego. If it is, I think I found some principle that I would never let other people to come in destroy my day and leave. I’m going to make sure I am useful, one way or another.

I know this sounded so weird.

Being the eldest child in the family always is the most painful past experiences. To add salt into the wound, whatever you do was never good enough. (I’m really nice not setting a par that is too high for both of my younger sisters. =) ) That I actually didn’t mind.

Don’t make me feel like I’m incapable to even handle my own life.

Though I need to admit that I could not drive properly and caused a dent at my mum’s car during a fail attempt of parking at Sunway Pyramid. But other than that, I believe I didn’t let my parents dissapointed before. Also exclude the time that I didn’t do homework and my mum was called to the school to “talk” about my problem then clear the confusion that a person that didn’t do homework getting number one in the class. (No, I didn’t cheat in my test, the smart ones just moved forward after PTS.)

I know what I am doing, I really do.

You don’t have to worry.


2 thoughts on “Useless

  1. No one likes to be useless! We’re here for a purpose!I’m in no position to talk about ur problem, but i’d support you, and be strong!Liang

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