Genting Trip

I was back in Genting yesterday.

A trip to Genting to see our little friend, Kiat Ming who is studying at Genting Inti that is located at the city right below Genting Highland, Gohtong Jaya. It’s been a long while apparently, the time didn’t even slow down or what so ever and left us missing everyone that moved on. Her birthday is coming soon, Esther wanted to see her, bad enough to dragged me up to Genting Highland with her, and of course, her boyfriend too. Their birthdays are 2 days apart, it’s going to cause a dramatic effect on my wallet, I suppose you can see my wallet rip apart and gone with the wind.

Oh well, they are both important to me, as friends and the memories they gave me during my high school years.

Kiat Ming is from a small city in Johor. I’m not sure how to spell it exactly, but I remember it means “handsome” in Hokkien. That I can recall very cleary, because she was very proud about that fact and she had been literarily spamming me about that. Simple and easy going girl in the big big city here in Kuala Lumpur satelite city, Subang Jaya. Esther is her bestest friend when they are both in the same class, while I’m at the next class. Occassionaly we will combine class during Moral Studies, then we will engage in a totally random conversation with no particular reasons. Kiat Ming ate in my house sometimes, with her housemate, Yi Wen that time. When you are leaving alone, cooking is always a hassel, and my mum cooks, so… yeah.

We stayed back in Subang Jaya when we moved on to college, Kiat Ming went Genting Inti, taking the Hospitality Course. It’s been a year since we last seen her, due to the fact I went to National Service, and then she went to National Service right after me, it’s been a really long while.

A very long while.

It is weird when Genting do not make me anticipate and excited about it anymore, it’s like a melted chocolate on the floor, it’s still chocolate but ultimately it’s not really there anymore. So technically, I went to Genting to see an old friend and blow some cold wind. That day were not that sunny, yet it were not that cloudy either. The thing that I was glad about is the wind. At least I did not went up there to bath in the sunshine.

I was tired the whole time. I do not have an idea on what is going on with me, but I was tired all right. We drove to the Genting Skyway and sat the cable car up to the Genting Highland, I checked with Kiat Ming that day, if sit KTM from Subang Jaya Station to KL central, change to the Genting Bus, then sit cable car to Genting Highland cost around RM 10.40 per single trip. It is highly possible when I got fed up and suddenly appear at Genting Highland and appear back in Subang Jaya at night.

It’s almost like magic. =)

Ate at a restuarant for it’s cheap lunch set, but my sweet and sour chicken rice did not taste anything near sweet nor sour, it was flat. I would not want to complain anymore about that, got a tendency to get a very predetermined answer:” It’s Genting mah!”

I did not want to get on any single ride, due to the fact that the price are just ridiculuos. RM 8 – 12 for a ride? No thanks. Went to the arcade to find the Para Para Paradise machine – Nope, not there anymore. Alternative? A spoilt Virtual Cop 3 machine and some unadjusted aiming for Ghost Squad. Screw Genting Highland, I shall just sit at the side and let the cold wind blow, best still, it’s freeeeeeeee.

Around noon, we met up with Kiat Ming and threw her Charlie, the teddy bear we bought for her, which is almost equal her size. Kiat Ming gave Esther her birthday present too, some smaller PINK teddy bear which Esther then named it as “Fen Fen” (Powdery). I shall “lol” at the name for at least a month. We went to bowling and I broke my nail, all Esther’s fasult, she forced me to play. =(

Kiat Ming didn’t stay long, she is a busy girl now. Studying in Hospitality Course means new friends, lots of them. She joined her classmates at Genting Highland for a buffet dinner paid by their lecturer. Who would have miss that, right? I was waiting outside for Esther and her man outside somesort of rare species animal exhibition while they went inside for RM7 each.

I didn’t want to go in.

Then, we went back down and ended up eating in Bentong at Bukit Tinggi. The food was okay and it was cheap, but what I learned was 椰花酒, direct translation will be coconut flower alcohol. I didn’t like it, maybe it is because I didn’t like alcohol in general, and Esther didn’t like it too, too gasy apparently. The drink is unique, as it smells bad, but taste surprisingly much better than the scent. The alcohol content is not more than 3%, said the wise one. It looks almost like isotonic drinks, smell like rotten coconut, taste like cocktail. Stunningly amazing.

I reached home an hour and a half later, with some unhappy event.

I am puzzled over the facts of relationships.



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