Missing Max

Maybe I’m sentimental, I don’t know.

The process of moving on has a significant side effect on myself, the hollowness. “It’s a phase, Jun Haw.” Esther had been telling me that like hundreds of times already. Of course, it’s a phase, now what?

I miss people that made my life interesting, made it different, made it who I am today.

I miss Max, which is what I’d been calling him for years already. No, he is not gone. He just gone to Singapore. He is the one that exposed me to the Adobe Photoshop program and because of him, I got almost full marks for all of the event graphic design projects. And he is the reason, I got into the design department for the event project. And he is going to be the reason I ended up in the creative field. The time where he was sitting in front of the computer, in a pro shop in Lake View Club where we both were working part time there, he will be like: “Want to learn how to do this?” I will be running to the computer by then. The steps are fuzzy, the memories aren’t. Max is 9 years older than me if I still remember it clearly, it feels real good when he’s around, as I never had an elder brother before. Able to learn and depend on someone is something I never got a chance to experience it before.

I remember the day when he needs to get something somewhere and he had only a manual car to use which he not used to it. The ride was bumpy, but it was different that any other ride with parents. I remember the day when his girlfriend argued with him in a car, he turned around and said:”Jun Haw, you want my laptop? It is yours now.” after her girlfriend shut his phone, he wanted to jump off the car apparently, I nodded my head, real hard as his laptop is a Mac. (Couldn’t resist it. =] ) I remember the day when he will be teasing me, but I was happy, because everything was simple back then. Until he went to Singapore and work. He seldom comes online, he might don’t even care then, but he is part of my life. Oh ya, did I mention he teaches me Squash too?

I miss him.


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