Learning Outcome of Langkawi Tour

This tour truly allows me to experience the planning of a tour for the first time. Having the opportunity to work with my classmates and make a tour come true. Selecting Langkawi is a very brilliant choice and a very interesting destination, traveling a long distance open us to the risk of facing more and more problems.

Leaving from school at 9.00pm might not be a really good idea due to the fact that we ended at the jetty wasting 4 hours to wait for the 8.00am ferry to transfer to the Langkawi main island. Sitting at the jetty waiting for the ferry is a really bad idea; we were literally feeding the mosquitoes there. Especially when the coach driver refuses to on the engine for us to hide inside the air conditioned coach. Those 4 hours were terribly awful. That is when I really learn about time management. Bad time management time lead to unsatisfied customers and that is when the customer complains.

I also learn that responsibility management is crucial in the planning of the tour. When the planning process fails, the organizers will suffer, real bad. Having an disorganized organization made all the managers have a really hectic time, due to the fact that we were the only doing the work and the others simply just ‘enjoy the trip’. This case is obviously unfair, but what can I say, ultimately, finishing the practical test all the way to Langkawi is the greatest compensation to us. Not forgetting noting to self that, the more you care, the more you suffer; make sure I, myself, manage the task wisely and fairer.

During the planning of the incentive tour, of course, needless to say, we will face bunch of problems, solving problems that might not be of our cause, but it’s our responsibility. We chose to go on the 1st weekend of the February, the school refused. Our lecturer implied that the school was not being able to produce the check in time to clear the payment for the tour operator, but we will never know the real factor at the end of the day. We were forced to change the date, pushing the date one week later that the original start date. We could not complain, we simply are merely students at the moment. The only choice is to tolerate the hectic all of the projects that are scheduled at the end of the February. Pushing stress into the maximum, pushing people to their respective limit.

I hate to admit the case that I am all so mad at the planning phase, so frustrated during the execution phase. I’m just tired, I guess. I’m just very tired. But when it comes to facing the customers, I have to temporarily remove that self just for a little while, be all fun and happy for another little while. Is like exposing yourself to the reality. This kind of experiences was painful, but, I really did learn something out of it.

P/S: This is the excerpt from our original on tour report. I wrote it like I was blogging. LoL. =)


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