Wallet Lost 102

The Ultimate Guide to Wallet Lost With Photos

So you lost your wallet, sucks right? You have to be responsible with all the things you lost with, money and most importantly, the documents. What are you going to do then? Tell your parents that you are 18 already, and you will settle that yourself. (Save yourself from all the awful nagging.)

Call your bank 24 hours customer service immediately, inform them that you lost your ATM card or any other cards like credit cards, prepaid cards, prepaid credit cards and etc. They will require your account details. After that, your current card will be blocked. Don’t forget this, very important. You don’t want people to run around with your money.

Go to the nearest police station, tell the police you need to make a police report regarding on your wallet lost. Inform them what’s inside the wallet, for a typical student you will normally lost your IC, your license, your ATM, your student ID and some cash in it. Make sure in the report he show you before the police print consist of all the items you lost. You will proceed into a room with a higher status of police to certify your report. Pay RM2 for the police report.

Document Replacement
Among all of the lost documents, replace your IC first. All the other documents require your temporary IC for identification purposes.

Police Report Original X 1
Police Report Photostatted X 3
License Photo X 1
Replacement Cost = RM150 ~ RM 200
Pen X 1
College Offer Letter X 1

Wear a dark shirt with collar and dress properly.

People in the Subang Jaya, USJ, PJ and Sunway area may follow this method to go to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara.

Hop on to the nearest KTM, proceed to KL central. Swap to the LRT and proceed to the Taman Jaya station, which cost RM1.60.

Leave the station via the very small gate, the one in the car park without the gigantic electrical towers.Exit Through This Gate

Passing through the small gate you will see another car park on your right, the JPJ car park. Yes, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan is also there. You know what to do later. Don’t turn in just yet. Keep on walking straight down the road.

JPJ Car Park Area

You should see the orange/yellow building in front, that’s the new makhamah follow the road down and you should see Jabatan Meteologi and Jabatan Kimia at the end of the road all on your right.

Follow this road till the end

When you reach to the very end of the road, which is a junction to the main road, identify a big Poh Kong opposite you.

Poh Kong at the opposite shop lots

Turn to the right, don’t go over to Poh Kong, Follow the pavement until you see a building with a lot of “holes” written, Jabatan Persekutuan something something.

The Entrance

Go in through the big gate, proceed to the right wing. They have signboards there anyway. Go to the 1st floor, and enter the JPN through an auto sliding door.

In the JPN

In the JPN

Go to the Counter 1 and tell them you lost your IC, let the person see your police report and inform the person you are a student. He will pass you a number, an appeal form and staple your photostated police report all together. Fill up the appeal form to appeal for 50% discount for your IC replacement because you are a student. If you are not a student, then you will just have to pay the full amount.

When the counter called your number in a very funny tone, proceed to the counter. Make sure you don’t miss the number, they don’t like it. Show her the forms, let the personnel see your college offer letter to prove that you are a student. No, you don’t have your student ID, remember? Pay RM60 if your are a student, pay RM110 if you are not a student. You will receive a receipt there. Proceed to counter 15 and 16 to wait for your turn to take photo. You will receive a temporary IC here. You will need to come back here in 2 weeks along with the receipt and the temporary IC to get your replacement IC.

In the JPJ
With your temporary IC, go back to the JPJ car park and look for JPJ which located diagonally with the car park. Enter through the right hand alley, not the main gate.

The Side Entrance

Go to the enquiry counter and tell her you need to replace you license. She will give you a number, wait for it and proceed to the counter when called. Say that you need to replace your license. Show the person your temporary IC and pay RM20. Give the person your photo and wait for your license for around 5 minutes. License Retrieved.

This is the two documents that needs to be done at PJ. Sit the train and go back home. For ATM, student ID please proceed back to the respective places with your police report and your temporary IC for replacement.

If you got yourself lost in any part of the task, just ask.

May the wallet be with you,


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