I saw eclipse on the 1st day of Chinese New Year at Melaka. I called everyone to go observe, but apparently the weather don’t like us. Wanted to show to the friends that missed it, but Esther said it was all over the newspaper the next day. Oh well, I saw just post it anyway.

This is how you suppose to look at an eclipse, using a magnetic strip in the VCR tape. That’s my dad watching the eclipse by the way.
This is how the eclipse looks like through the magnetic strip.
At around 6pm, the most optimum time to watch the eclipse without any accessories.

It’s rather cloudy that day. The sun is rather small too. Click on the image to enlarge it. The sun actually look like a moon that day and I have to spend 30 minutes explaining how eclipses happen and that’s not a moon.

Too bad in Malaysia we will never be able to observe a full eclipse. =(

My 1st live observation on eclipse.



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