Freshie Night

I went to freshie night that day, along with the two girls. Namely Esther and Grace. The theme of the event was RetroTechno. That’s why the retro looks on the girls. I wondered what to wear and finally gave up and wore tip to toe with one colour, black. Apparently, that’s what the organizers all wore that night.


The event was interesting. Just lack of the decorations, the whole venue was not decorated at all. But I have to admit, the lighting was awesome. I had fun taking photos of the light.

The photo’s lighting is nice. But this performance scared the hell out of me. The guy, (Yes, it’s a he that’s performing.) is doing pole dancing on a temporary pole. The base was wobbling and we were so worried whether he will hit the ground in less than 30 seconds. He is damn sporting, I respect him, somehow.

Other than that, it’s dancing, dancing and more dancing. But, the lucky draw was very attractive. Thumbdrive with a Celcom Starter Pack. My luck is always plus minus of 0%, it only made sense when I don’t win anything.

These people are volunteering in the event. The right-est one is William, coursemate of mine and the girls at the center are our juniors.

Apparently, she likes to take weird photos. I am more than glad to play with her. XD

A 700 pax campus event, the dance floor is extremely crowded. Amazingly done.

I didn’t realize that there are food at the back of the hall, I only knew it the next day when William told me. =(

Too dark lah.


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