Snowflake in the CNY

Brought Tzia Tzia, Tzia Tshen, Michelle Tan and Michelle Lau to Snowflake today. I adore that place recently. Ever since I went with Adrian and Stephanie. Taiwanese dessert won my heart away. Located right opposite the ever crowded Asia Cafe, same row with the Starbucks, Snowflake is harder to be spotted like any other shop. Cause it’s on the 1st floor! XD

The food here is fairly cheap, ranging around Rm3.00 – Rm5.00. Affordable lah. 6 people eat also RM22 only. The ambiance is simple and comforting, the staff is friendly and welcoming. Why not try it out eh?
Pearl Tau Fu Fa. Not as smooth as others in the vendor van but it definitely is still my love. There are tons of combination you can try with the Tau Fu Fa (or what they call Dou Hua 豆花 in Taiwan). Peanut, lotus seed, red bean, green bean, pearl and etc. XD
Ai Yu Bing. A mixture of frozen lime juice plus jelly around it.
Pearl Milk Tea. Literally the name suggest what’s inside. Go figure.

Tzia Tzia said is impossible to squeeze 5 people in a camwhore picture. Mind the location, it’s the highway. I proved my point. I won. =)
The girls requested for a photo. See the cool looking circular device on the table? Apparently it replaced the old number tag method and this device will light up like a UFO when your food is ready. It’s a self service cafe after all.

Adapting the simple design, Tshen also commented that the toilet is surprisingly clean and comfortable. After I realized that there’s people in my class that have toilet wetness intolerance, I noted that this toilet will be completely “Wet Free” guaranteed.

Oh ya, in conjunction of CNY, the boss, Jimmy gave us You Tiao 油条 for freeeeeeeeeee. (Bedtime Stories inside joke.)

I also made Tzia Tzia liking this place already. Hey, I liked it too.

P/S: The comp is hating me now. You wanna see more pictures? Go find Tzia Tzia.


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