I went to Snowflake that day, with Adrian and Stephanie.

Snowflake is a Taiwan dessert cafe right opposite of Asia Cafe, the same row as Starbucks Coffee, on the 2nd floor.

The price was okay, ranging from RM3.50 – RM 5.50 per dessert. The portion wasn’t that big, but it was a new experience afterall.

This is how the cafe looks like. The cafe is not very big, the chairs unfortunately weren’t anywhere near comfortable.

It’s self service. The waiter will give you something like this after you placed your order and scream for your number when the food is ready:

The food was okay, I ordered Ai Yu Bing, a combination of jelly, lime, sugar and ice. Oh, I also ordered Soya Milk.

Didn’t have a chance to take Stephanie’s Snowflake bestseller grass jelly something, but it tasted like Cendol with Taro balls.

A cheaper alternatives for Starbucks. =)


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