Twisted Ankle

I shall refrain from using foul language to express my unluckiness.

Today I suppose to help out at the Youth 09 convention, as well as the next two days. I woke up early in the morning and with lots of hopes and expectation, I think I will learn a lot of stuff and meet a lot of people today. I get ready to shower and I miss the tiny little step between my kitchen and the toilet.

I freaking sprained my ankle. Just like that. It went 90 degree backward, even perpendicular with the floor surface.

Therefore, I am stuck at home for three days.

Will be online, where else can I be?

I had Esther to fetch me to Japanese Class, I said jokingly, to her that if the classroom is going to be at the 2nd floor, I’m going to scream. And so, I hopped all the way into the reception area of ICLS and realized the classroom is located at 3rd floor today.

I was totally speechless.

Luckily the receptionist was kind enough to swap the whole class down to 1st floor. Though I still had to hop, better than 3 times the determined distance right?

By the time I positioned myself nicely at the seat, I was already sweating like hell.

Everyone came into the class and looked at my leg.



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