I enjoy sleeping, oh yes I do. The whole thing is destroyed when your mother wakes up at 7.35am and ask you to jog with her at the Crocodile Farm located at SS12.

Especially when you slept at 3.30am.

Goodness gracious, I was almost running like a zombie for all you know. (If you can imagine how zombies run that is.)

It had been awhile since I jogged. 3 years too be precise, unless you count National Service as a physically stressful activity then it will be a year plus minus since I last ran. Right, the beeping test at the National Service where you have to run between the beeps which gradually get faster to test your physical fitness level.

I did not fail that test. In fact, I was more like above average, to my surprise.

Crocodile farm was like how it looked like 3 years ago. Same flow of people, same route, same scenery, vandalized fitness equipment at the side of the route.

I ran slowly to keep with my mum’s pace and didn’t stop for the whole 30 minutes run. My leg is aching, at night. I have to exercise more already, I feel damn old. =(


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