The Incidents.

1) I came back from Phuket, bloody expensive place.

2) MOS is not a place to go alone, nice lighting and sound system though. Someone mentioned I have a hot…….. hat. (=_=”)

3) I lost my wallet at SS15 Starbucks with all my identification stuff. Shit.

4) SMKSU is officially blacklisted for having too much mosquitoes.

5) I am anticipating my final results. *Gasp*

6) I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas playing Maple Story. *Tsk* Lifeless much?

7) A cup of chocolate and a chat over the coffee table comforts me.

8) My mum considering to blog. (In mandarin!)

9) Counting down to new year @ Little Bally, care to join?

10) I had 2 very unproductive meetings with my lecturer until he realized he forgot something effing important.

11) Went to shopping with mum and sisters in Time Square. Further strengthen the my thoughts on it being boring. *Note to self: Never do that again* (Legs Aching)

P/S: Will expand these later.


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