It’s the end of the year again, after the hectic practical exams and final exam, I get to breath for awhile.

Despite of some particular reason,
(I have to go back to college to see a lecturer for 2 meetings during my holiday for next semester’s subject, claiming that “there’s not enough time”. Submitting the proposal and stuff before the school starts on January.)
I guess I can relax for a moment.

Just a moment apparently.

I’m worried about the outcome of my final exam, considering the fact that I was too ignorant to the word “exam”, I was basically too lazy, to study. It’s always the case. You know the point where you go, “Aih, sien lah.”

Yes, the moment of laziness.

No hope for a beautiful memories in semester two already. =)

When you thought it was all over and done with and you can finally rest a little while, next semester’s lecturer already can’t wait to see you, and appear EVERYWHERE, no matter where you are, even when you are in the final exam busy answering, he will still open the door and peak at the class.

Talk about commitment, talk about omfg-ness.

I am officially, PARANOID. The very first time I am in fear of a lecturer.

I am going to ignore this for the time being till I come back from Phuket.

Yes, I’m going to Phuket with Adrian and Stephanie from 9th to 15th. Self planned, even better compare to the domestic tour for the next semester.

That’s how far I’m going to run away from the terror.


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