It Happened.

Guess what? As irony it may sound, just few days after my previous post, it happened. It freaking happened.

I missed two classes in a row, I wouldn’t want to call it achievement just to get the graphics printed for the graphic design project presentation. Oh ya, along with Jane, Kho and William.

Printing never been so annoying and time consuming before. Until you step into the graphic people shoes.

I must admit, I know how to use Adobe Photoshop but I’m not brilliant in it. And apparently it is not enough. You need Adobe Illustrator to know how to align the artwork to print. All the bleeding, die cut and crop marks seriously did enlightened me in a massive scale.

That was when I noticed something was wrong.

Jane was exhausted. The smile was long gone from her face replaced by a pale hue. I pity her. I seriously do.

We all had come into an understanding, did we not?

It’s very frustrating when you work with people that don’t freaking care. To top it off, once you care, you are going to suffer.

Effing moments.

I’ve been complaining about commitment since I was in high school organizing events already. Apparently, this problem aren’t letting me go anytime soon.

Jane cared, we cared. Well, most probably cause we know what’s the priority in this particular stage in life.

During the presentation, of course, it happened.

Someone blew up, someone screamed, someone cried, someone complained… Yadaa… Yadaa…

I was trying to ignore.

The stress that built up was more than what I expected. It practically pushed everyone to the verge of falling apart.

This ain’t no ordinary course for anyone.

Stress Level: Maximum.
Risking personal and social lifestyle.

Good luck, may the best remains.


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