Wouldn’t Want It to Happen

It’s obvious. It is very obvious. But I don’t want it to happen.I don’t want our class to be the worst in the history of the Event Management course. The isolation is very clear, but I cannot believe how immature one can handle social life circles just like this.

Whether you like it or not.

I can tolerate, I can understand, I can forgive, I can forget, I can go along. Somehow the others will never be able to do that. That’s like Godlike to them, a state of a holy saint, unachievable.


Despite how bad the situation it is, how bad the person is, how amazing the assignment can be, a task to be complete HAS to be completed. I couldn’t understand people who doesn’t gave shit about their responsibilities.I couldn’t understand people who don’t even bloody care. I cannot understand people who cannot tolerate and weigh between personal and work anymore.

I am trying to prevent this to happen.

But, I am not able to.

and failed miserably.


People don’t communicate normally these days.
I don’t know why.


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