Taking Japanese class is interesting, maybe it’s because of my personal preferences of learning any kind of languages helps me in this learning process.

I personally like learning new language, it makes my better in socializing aspect.

The I-can-speak-but-you-can’t feeling is damn good.

Working in Sushi King probably helped me in this learning process too, reading the menu long enough to know, ika is cuttlefish, tori is chicken, tamago is egg, temaki is hand roll, ocha is green tea and et cetera.

In our course, we are learning elementary Japanese. In ICLS, I’m taking elementary Japanese too. Guess this dual exposure maximize the success rate.

Having my lecturer to know that I am taking this course outside is going to make me no good. He is going to see me being better in this and will come out with very hard questions during the oral test.

Die la.


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