Apparently, I work well under the word “Challenge”.

Challenge me something I’m physically and mentally able to sustain, I got a significantly high chance to complete the particular task.

But when I challenge myself upon some goal, it ALWAYS fail. Challenge that stretched for a duration more than a week bores me. That’s why my weight lose plan somehow didn’t turn out really well. That’s why my assignments are stalled.

I do not have a high level of determination and self motivation.

2 things that I identified that will force me to do it. Companionship and sense of worthyness.

Let’s say, one fine morning, I wanted to go exercise, I tell myself, “I need to go exercise.” Then, I turned and saw the computer. I sat there and play awhile. It always ended up too late or I am bloody too lazy to do so later.

On the other hand, if you called up and say, “let’s go play badminton!” The success rate for me exercising increased by at least tenfolds. Cause the chance that I’m going to make it is almost equal to 100%, provided that I do not have anything else to complete or due.

That’s companionship.

If I ended up buying a whole set of sports equipment, I’ll probarly use it due to the fact that, if I didn’t use it, I technically make a lost. This case is economically untoleratable.

But I’ll have to obtain the money to buy at the 1st place.

That’s sense of worthyness.

Challenge me something big yet managable and doesn’t bore me.

Who knows, it might happen.

Mutual exhange of benefits.



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