I need a decent name for myself. ShawnKid is going to be merely online purposes only.

Online community called me Shawn naturally.

My friends called me Jun Haw/JH.

Working colleagues will refer me as Lee.

Stephanie’s mum take me as Peter*.

I need a general name to be refer to. Something very simple and easy to remember.

Maybe “H”?

There are classical names that I can be using. Is Shawn good enough?

I wonder. I should conduct a survey sometime soon.

* The story started when Stephanie came to my house and she made an identity for me in 3 seconds. Peter, she said to her mum. And her mum was calling, Peter, Peter in front of my house. Technically I’m Peter for Stephanie’s mum due to her brilliantness.

P/S: The classical bullshit from Stephanie that actually made sense for tonight is…

“I think Noah causes the flood. When he made the boat, he cut down so many trees. The soil do not absorb that much water and green house effect happens simultaneously, that’s why flood.”


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