I’m been missing for quite awhile already. Been busying with all the events and the assignments. Also some special days here and there. Thus, I’m like always not home. Which, the process both cost me a lot and have earn it back.

Right from the beginning since I was kidnapped by the busy events is the Skate Asia 2008 event. Sent by our lecturer to the Sunway Pyramid Ice to work for the last week of our semester break. Ate Wendy for the whole 6 days. Oh my goodness. Ended up the pay haven’t reach me until now. It’s like three weeks already. Always the case… =(

Right after our semester starts for a week, my cousin got married. Went to her house at somewhere far (I can’t remember the place) and had dinner. Well, everyone commented on the hue of my hair. And until till then, I finally saw my cousin’s husband for the 1st time. XD

We were assigned to help out for a Merdeka Eve celebration at Waikiki Too @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail Plaza on a Saturday night wearing beach attire and I ended here, finishing the graphics for our presentation tomorrow, for our final assessment proposal, the team building event.

I shall upload photos to FaceBook.

Chotto Matte Kudasai.


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