Event Graphic Design

My semester break started. You should see how sad I looked right now.

What makes today slightly more interesting is Event Graphic Design. We are learning Adobe Illustrator. We were taught about basic stuff today, select, rotate, erase, undo, copy, fill, stroke, shape and group.

The 1st task after the class is to draw a face, not only a face, a face with rules and regulations.

1) The face must be round.
2) The eyes must be exact same shape and size, aligned horizontally.
3)The hair must be rectangle.
4) The image must be filled with colours.
5) The shape has to be grouped together in the end.

And this is what I came out with in 3 minutes.
I have no idea why the colours run when I transfer up to blogger. Maybe it is because of CMYK to RGB and came out like this.

Just imagine what I drew lah.


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