Colour Up

And so, I dyed my hair.

Stephanie messaged me in the afternoon and we wanted to have lunch. After that we ended up at my house. Jane came over to take anime so she suddenly got involved in this major project too.

I realized I do not have time for this thing to happen anytime next week so I suggested to go dye our hair today. “Our hair” here refer to Steph and mine. Jane did already and gave us enough shock yesterday when we met during the Skate Asia 2008 briefing session.

I dig my piggy bank, took a load of cash and we ran all the way to Cut and Blow at SS14.

I let Steph do hers 1st, I prefer to watch before I went to do something scary and bizarre to my hair. Steph’s highlighting is quick. In an hour she had done hers and looking good.

While mine ended up till 7.45pm for a duration of 2 hours.

I don’t know what colour to pick and the hairdresser did the honour to dye my hair.

The result is a little lala-ish. =/

I decided not to post the end result. But let’s post the during photos. XD
ShawnKid with a typical dragon ball hairstyle.

Stephanie with streaks of blond.

I don’t know how do I look with this new hairstyle. Steph said is nice on me Adrian said:”Woah!”(Whatever that means).

My 1st hairdo ever in my entire life.

It felt good.



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