Annual Campfire Dinner 2008

The event I was working on for my whole semester break.

Finally, done.

I got my week of semester break back to myself and do something for myself before I got to go work part time at the Skate Asia Ice Skating Competition at Sunway Pyramid.

During the preparation of the event itself, I tell you I almost developed a fear towards phone calls. Every time when my phone starts to ring, regardless whether it is a phone call or sms, its never a good thing. Either it is more work for me or more bad news. I certainly believe my phone bills will make my mother’s hair transform into Medusa’s and turn me into statue. And the number of the phone calls I received broke my “Call Per Day” record, almost reaching 50 calls on the Saturday itself is something extraordinary, and somehow it can be very, very, very annoying.

I realized the ability that I can be spontaneous and the ability of mine had been abused by the committees. Of course, I’m not happy. They don’t understand the particular section of the event but they refuse to understand it and then there I was, standing on the stage MC-ing, taking over that segment. The frustration on the committees’ face made me even MORE frustrated. Come on, it’s suppose to be your event. Not mine.

And not to mention I’m wearing a V.I.P tag.

Without a doubt, when I’m in this kind of tight situation, Esther is with me. So, her face almost looked crumpled together out of frustration. LOL.

During the event itself, I can say I’m only 50% satisfied. I would have graded the overall event C+ . But I wouldn’t be so harsh with myself. Considering the face that, the cloth hanging, the deco at the side of the hall, the table setting, the catering, the chocolate gifts, the lucky draw prizes, the fishing line, the sticks, the safety pins and etc are taken care by me and Esther. If you don’t understand, just nod your head.

I have no fear of admitting that the committee don’t even care about this event. They are doing it because they have to do it. This is what we describe as “No initiative.”. Simple task such as buying something can lead to major excuses such as my parents don’t let, right up to I got tuition and not forgetting the classic, no transport. Sending me a document can lead to excuses like my computer crash, my MSN did not work, my printer no ink and many many more.

I’m partially impressed at the variety of excuses.

Glad that Steph and Adrian are willing to support my event. Obviously, you can see we didn’t fully occupied the seats but managed to hit 150 pax target. The image above was taken by my sister at the back table. XD

And so, more complaints via personal conversation.

Photos are taken with “professional” photographer, Ye Heng. It need some time to reach me. So wait up! XD

P/S: Adrian rate the event 8/10 wor.


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