Classic Moments

Scene: Esther’s Car
Date: 28th of July
Time: 5.30pm.
Subject: Esther

ShawnKid: I can’t pronounced English quite properly, for example, I got problem speaking opportunity once.
Esther: Don’t worry, it’s no big deal. I got that kind of problem once in a while. This is what happened to Chinese educated children like us.
Esther: (Point to a house)那间裤子看起来很空。。。(The pants look so empty.)
*We both started to laugh so hard*
Esther: 屋子!!!(House)
ShawnKid: Apparently you have the same problem with pronouncing Mandarin too.

裤子(ku zi) – pants
屋子(wu zi) – house
Pronunciation are similar but has a distinct difference.


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