Food Test

I went to Steven’s Corner today. The whole purpose that I am there it is because I had to do a food test for my upcoming Scout’s Campfire Dinner. I didn’t expect it to be a mamak restaurant until I saw the real product smash right at my face.

This is SRI Steven’s Corner.

I asked for the person in charge for catering, and they sure looked blur. So I shall be an usual customer that is here to eat a very amazingly expensive nasi campur.

This nasi campur is RM13.

Let me recall what did I take for the nasi campur, I got mutton, curry chicken, egg, red fish slice, Thai style sotong and nasi briyani.

Overall I give this restaurant 5/10. The food is okay. But the price is a little bit too much. The whole restaurant just feel like I am barely able to breath. I will not resist to go back there but I wouldn’t want to.


P/S: I went to IKEA with Esther the previous Sunday and the Princess Cake there is awesome!

Leftover of the cake, left a mouthful only.

It’s like heaven, RM5.90.



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