Ran out of names?

I am an online gamer.

I play online games, but what bothers me nowadays are the fact that I see the gamers seem to run out of some decent names for their characters.

Let me show you some example of bad names, and when I say bad it is really bad.

5th class bad name:
Referring to numbers. Numbers can be ranging from telephone number to does not make sense numbers. For example: 80248899, 321321321, 987654321, 123456 and the best of all, onetwothree.

4th class bad name:
Similar to the above, but now it is in alphabets. They simply does not make out any words, they make out patterns. For example: asdasdasd, sawdsawd, poipoi, uiui, wertwert and the best of all, qwerty.

3rd class bad name:
Number + Alphabets which is totally random and became name, and of course, they don’t have to mean anything. For instance: lilo1df2g1de3, 98ery3t9hj, asd123, wasd1234 and the best of all, 54dfsg1er51ger12465e4f65se4f95s1.

2nd class bad name:
Names which has the combination of actions, adjectives and nouns or any form of structure that mean something but illogical to be a name. For instance: YouCMeYouDie, ProNoob, IHITUMATI and the best of all, DunKillMePlz

1st class bad name:
A translation of language into some other unfamiliar language and made as name. The best of all, it hit me so hard I had to stop any form of action and laughed for a good minute and only continue. For example: WoShiBoiBoi, PapaJahat, babybaobao, Siaoehh, Walao, lupamandi and the best of all, kemaluan.

I play 1st character shooting games. When you see at the side that shows currently who killed who, it became so entertaining when you read it out loud. Burung Besar killed Punani. OMG killed Professional. See what I mean?

I mean, I’m not saying that it is not smart to have such name, but come on, can’t you come out with something better?

Once I thought putting your name as characters name is bad, guess now I think it doesn’t sound as bad. Even, JackJack sound so much wiser now.


In appreciation of good names,


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