Semester Break

My 1st semester break started right after my last paper, Principle of MICE and Events was handed up to the invigilator.

I got a whole one month and a week of holiday and trust me, I have no idea what to do. Yes, I am bored.

Let’s just assume I had a celebration with Esther yesterday, though we were there because she had to pick up something from the SJMC hospital, thus we had lunch at SS12.

The place’s name did not ring a bell on my head. It’s just some Italian Cuisine Restaurant.

I ordered Fish and Chip while Esther ordered this:

Tenderloin something with garlic sauce.

I shall give a rating of 6/10 for the restaurant. My fish & chip was not really good, the batter was too much causing it to cover the taste of the fish. The tenderloin is not really good as well, the beef is too hard. I like the chips though. Not forgetting the awesome mushroom soup.

The ambiance in the restaurant is good, a gives a very cozy feeling to the customers. Price wise is okay, not too expensive but not to cheap either, average price range around RM 18 per set.

Overall, I say, it would not hurt to come back, but I will not anticipate to come back either.

Tomorrow I shall go hunt for different food to occupy my time.


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