I was suppose to study… Until I ended up with Esther all the way at SS15 eating steamboat.

Well, I wouldn’t mind to escape the fact that I have to study but I somehow feel guilty after that.

Of course, I looking forward what’s coming after the finals instead of what is it I am going to face on the Monday.

Esther was late to pick me up, and her mum called me.


The whole purpose of us eating steamboat just now is all because of the QQ Tau Fu. I never knew that particular taufu had its own unique name. Oh, in case you are wondering what in the world is that taufu, it is a taufu which is soft in the inside and got skin and it is salty.

Talking about Esther’s amazing spending power and how the vege can taste so good in a chicken stock soup, not forgetting how well the QQ Tau Fu can suck the soup.

Esther was trying to show her sarcasms because I said something.

She said: “Do you know how well this taufu suck the soup?”

Obviously, she is threatening me, with a piece of taufu. Then the taufu accidentally slipped off the chopstick and dropped into her bowl, the soup all over her arm and face.

“I’m aware of that.” I said and I can’t stop laughing then.

The night was filled with taufu and the same old craps.


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