Do Something About It

Sometimes I feel so useless.

Especially the fact that I got so many desires but cannot even complete anyone of them.

I’m such a loser. Considering the fact that I’m jack of all trades, master of none. Really think hard sometimes before and I realized that other than talking, I’m good for nothing.

I cannot really do anything else better than others, but I had been well known for the talkative attitude of mine.

I have no determination when I want to accomplish something.

But I don’t believe I cannot complete any of my new year resolution that I had set over and over again for the past 5 years.

I am going to try to do something about it.

ShawnKid hereby proudly announce that: he is going to challenge himself to lose 5 kg before the end of the year 2008.

Current weight: 80kg

Please remind me of the fantastic challenge I have here and pressure me from time to time.

P/S: Ajak me to go for any kind of sports or fat burning activities. Make sure I go, unless I really have something going on. XD


2 thoughts on “Do Something About It

  1. Lose weight… mmm… i believe u can… Jia You!!! See u around in college with lesser mass….(I added u in my new blog…)

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