I think I’m starting to feel it.
Sometimes I don’t understand some people.
The stress.
They can be so immature at times.
Trying having 4 assignments, 2 practical exams, and 2 presentations and 2 quizzes all in this month.
Especially about teamworks.
Not to mention I’m dealing with the camp fire dinner for my scout troop.
Why can’t they just cooperate and finish it once and for all?
Applying loan for my education.
It’s a bloody practical exam.
Trying to save money for my camera and a laptop.
Instead of finding a solution they are ranting like hell.
Fulfilling self goal of traveling to a foreign country every single year.
Instead of participating in a discussion he is being some emo kid staring at his phone.
Never expect a college life to be that hectic.
Why can’t we just cope with each other?
Somehow or rather I’m missing my old time back in high school.
Is it that hard? For goodness sake.
Slumber and stress-free.
As if he is that important and we have to bear with him.
All the duties and responsibilities tends to having a major effect on me.
I’m stress out.
The black panda eyes.
I need a break and I won’t be able to get one.
Even though I’m sleeping enough.
Some of the scouts committees are not being helpful.
Most of the project due next two weeks.
Now this deli decoration project is the same.
And I’m still here blogging.
Holy crap.
Not forgetting the 2 quizzes I have for tomorrow.
Apparently I’m not the only one feeling like that.
I cannot open my notes.
What can I do now?
Screw the computer.


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