I finally made up my mind and bought a Nintendo DS Lite for myself.

My classmates in the class are holding PSP all the while (I have proof) and I think it is time to pamper and indulge myself.

Maybe the games in it might not be mature enough for a 18 year-old, but I think I have a very special taste in games.

With all the incomes from the academic achievement. E.g Ang Pao

Bringing it to college and spending my time on this wasn’t a really good idea, since I couldn’t really make a good use out of that, might as well invest on this.

Investment? You wondered.

My sisters can farm with the Harvest Moon DS and blow with the Bubble Revolution and my mum can have her Mario memories back, while I play all the others.

Some entertainment other than the computer.

NDSL. (Now damn siok lo.)


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