I was extremely bored today since I have no class for Fridays.

I asked Steph and Adrian to come over to my house to relieve my pain of boredom since the colleges where they study is like opposite my house.

We somehow got our mind set ready and might be buying Nintendo DS Lite and Steph’s PSP at City Bazaar at KL tomorrow.

Suddenly, Esther called and asked if I want to go out with her and Ye Heng to Little Bally, a pub I would describe it as.

This is the 1st time I laid my tongue on COCKTAILS.

Each of us ordered 2 and we got another 2 glass of cocktails free.

Alcohol doesn’t taste nice by itself but I think I’m fine with cocktails. With a splash of sourness, alcohol doesn’t taste as bad.

I tried 8 types of cocktails today and I got so high. LOL.

For the 1st cocktail party, we shall cheer!


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